Has anybody actually used this charger to charge an iPhone (no guesses, please).

HAS ANYBODY ACTUALLY DONE THIS? The charger outputs 20v. USB voltage is typically 5v. Can an iPhone really handle a 20v input? Current is not an issue (the device will draw whatever wattage it needs and the 60w capacity of the charger is more than enough to feed an iPhone), but voltage *is* an issue. If the iPhone doesn't have internal voltage regulation that will let it handle the 20v (as compared to the 5v of a typical USB charger), the phone will literally burn up, and I don't really want to experiment with a $800 device. It could work, but only if the iPhone is designed for it.

All too often, answers on these forums are just guesses. Has anybody actually plugged their iPhone into this charger using a USB-C/lightning cable?

87W USB-C Power Adapter

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    I have charged my iPhone using this wall plug adapter and additionally bought a 2m cable from Apple with my iPhone 7+ charger on the end as the USB-C one doesn't fit, it charged my phone efficiently with no issues. It is a lot easier to just switch cords rather than wall adapters between charging my MacBook and iPhone. Hope this helps :)

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  • I just used the 87W charger with the USB C to lighting cable from apple to charge iPhone 6s from 14% to 50% in about 30mins and up to 95% in 1hr 45mins.

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  • The charger outputs three different voltages depending on negotiation.

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  • The reason why it works is actually the other way around, it's not the phone that requires internal voltage regulation - instead the charger can supply 20v, 9v, or 5.2v. This is clearly labelled on the side of the charger.

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  • Yes, I have used it with my iPhone 8 plus, as long as your device supports fast charge it will only use 30 or so watts out of the 87. So your iPhone will be fine if you use this wall outlet.

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