Will I be able to use this adapter instead of 61W adapter or 27W adapter for different MacBook/MacBook Air model?

Can 87W USB-C adapter replace the 61W USB-C adapter and 27W USB-C adapter for different MacBook model with the same USB-C power supply?

87W USB-C Power Adapter

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    As others have said, yes, you can use it with MacBook's that ship with lower powered USB-C adapters.

    However, it's not true, as one of the answers states, that you shouldn't do the reverse, that you shouldn't use a lower powered adapter with a MacBook that ships with a higher-powered adapter.

    The adapters that ship with MacBooks are sized to provide enough power to both charge the battery quickly, and run the laptops at or close to their power limit when doing intensive computational-tasks (like encoding video). Using the specified wattage will ensure that you can get the most out of your MacBook in all conditions.

    The flip side is that much of what most people do on their laptops doesn't require the full power. My 15" MBP will use ~60W when encoding a video, and if the battery is also low, it will draw the full 87W available from the stock adapter, but right now, as I type this and browse the web, it is averaging about 10W. Under such conditions a 61W, or even a 45 or 30W adapter would be enough to power my use of the computer and recharge the battery. The battery wouldn't recharge at full speed with the 45 or 30W adapter, but it would still charge at a decent rate.

    So, yes, ideally, you should use your MacBook with a charger that matches or exceeds the power of the adapter it was provided with, but using a good, but lower-powered adapter won't hurt your computer, and can come in handy if you want something lighter-weight for travel, or you left your adapter behind and can only borrow a lower-powered adapter.

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  • You can use a higher wattage than is permitted, but you should not use a lower wattage. For instance, the MacBook Pro 13 inch uses a 60W MagSafe, but you can use an 85W MagSafe to charge or power it (although it will not charge any faster). You should not use a 45W with the MacBook Pro 13 since that is lower than its 60W requirement.

    Source: AppSliced Website

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  • Yes. You can use the 87W USB-C adapter to charge any USB-C equipped MacBook or MacBook Pro

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