Does wireless charging work through this case for the iPhone 8 Plus?

iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus Silicone Case - White

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  • Yes. It works through most cases even an Otterbox Defender thick case. Cases with any metal may inhibit wireless charging though as well.

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  • Yes, I have an otter case (Defender case) and it works with my Belkin charging unit. However, it's slower than using the standard charging block/lighting cord provided with the phone. Not sure if the case is affecting the charging time?

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  • It should work through any non-metallic case. However, depending on how thick the case is the charging time will be extended. Wireless charging depends on the back of phone being in close physical contact with the charger, the ideal being directly on the charger with no intervening distance between the two. So the thickness of the case will increase this distance and therefore the charging time will be longer but probably only slightly more for a standard case. The charger is really akin to a big magnet when its charging and this magnetism through the glass back of the phone induces an electrical current in a coil inside which charges the battery. So the further away the two are, the less magnetic field in the coil and therefore less current to charge the battery.

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  • Yes except for metal cases

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  • yes it does work with this case

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