Can you see the case’s battery charge indicator when NOT plugged in?

I purchased this iPhone XS Smart Battery Case and was surprised to see that when plugged in, Apple displays onscreen both the amount of battery left on my phone 86% and the new case 10%. But once I unplugged the case, I could locate ONLY the phone’s charge, not locate any indicator of the case’s battery charge. In upper corner as always is the standard phone’s battery charge indicator which indicates it is currently charging with the little lightning bolt, and at 100%. But I do not seem to be able to locate an indication of the amount left on the smart battery case until I plug it in again. Is this information hidden somewhere? I don’t see it in control center, nor in notifications (where it appeared for the iPhone 6 version). Thanks!

iPhone XS Smart Battery Case - White

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  • On the iPhone, simply add the Batteries Widget and it will show the both the iPhone's and the case's battery levels.

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  • If it is not plugged in, there is no way to check the case’s battey level. On the inside of the case, there is a light that shows when it is charging or not (when no phone is inserted).

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