How dangerous is this case for the battery if used 24/7 like a normal case?

Cases are usually designed with long term use in mind, but charging a phone 24/7 can destroy a battery much quicker than through normal use. That being said, because this extends the battery life, will the constant charge from the case end up decaying the battery in the phone faster than normal?

iPhone XS Max Smart Battery Case - White

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  • Forgive my grammar I’m typing this as quick as possible. From my understanding based on the small research I’ve done on forums like macrumors and 9to5mac it is said that the smartcase uses its battery first before it uses the iphones battery. In essence you’re using your smartcase battery first before it switches to using your personal iphones battery. It is not dangerous at all and it will not strain your iphones battery. I don’t believe apple would release a product that would do that to its own product. I hope I answered your question

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  • I am sure Apple has a circuit that prevents overcharging of the LiPo battery in the iPhone. So I am not concerned about this. This case will reduce the number of battery cycles of your iPhone, which has a positive effect on the lifetime of your iPhone battery as LiPo batteries have a limited number of charge/discharge cycles.

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  • If your charging your phone 24/7 you don’t need a battery case, as long as your using the genuine apple charger this should not effect the device

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