Power button on this?

Is there going to be a power button for on and off? or once the case is charge up and when you phone get connected the case is going to start changing your phone. I don't see the point where your phone is at 100% and the case is going to keep it charge up like the last model cases for the iPhone 7. a power button or switch is better so when you need the power it's there.

iPhone XS Max Smart Battery Case - White

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  • There is no power button on this, it just keeps you phone battery charged up until it runs out. So would require swapping it for another case in that scenario.

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  • There is no power button. This case intelligently handles the power management. It charges your phone when it needs it. If it just "saved it" for when you "need" it, it would be the same whether it already transferred it to your phone or not. It is meant to be simple, which means not having to worry about a power button.

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  • There is no power button on this, same as previous models.

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  • It will let your phone go to 80% then charge it back to 100% until the battery of the case runs out then your phone just uses its normal battery. If you phone is below 80% when you put the case on it will charge to 100% and continue as I said before. If you charge the phone and the case together then it charges the phone to 100% first, then the case. You can charge the case separately too though.

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