Is the case always charging? No, on/off switch as needed?

iPhone XR Smart Battery Case - Black

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  • That is actually false. There is no on and off switch, but your phone is always kept at 100% until the case dies and it's only then that your phone drops below 100%. The case doesn't damage your phone's battery as it runs off the cases battery first, and the phone knows that it's plugged into a battery case and thus halts backups and update and other battery intensive processes. But to answer your question there is no on/off switch which is actually beneficial because it reduces the amount that your actual phone battery is used and thus it will last longer over time

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  • Yes. There is no on/off switch.

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  • The case and the phone communicate so when the phone drops below 80 percent it will start charging the phone to 100 percent then stop until it drops back down to 80. You can see how much charge the case has got via your phone. If you swipe left to the search and the widgets, one should say battery with your phone charge there but when you have the case on it will also say how much the case has got so you know when to charge the case

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  • No off switch sadly

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