I listen to audiobooks & use while i mow the yard and have a hard time finding earbuds that are loud enough. Are these high volume?

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    Do your ears a favor, and get to a hardware store and buy some hearing protection earmuffs -- the big ones that go all the way over your ears. Then wear your earphones underneath the earmuffs. You can play your audiobooks at a much lower volume, yet still still hear them. I do this with my BeatsX every time I cut the grass, and it works very well. It should work with Powerbeats Pro, too, if the earmuffs are big enough.

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  • Depends how loud your mower is! :) But yea, they go pretty loud according to the reviews I've read and it'll help if you get a good seal in your ears. Also if you listen to audiobooks through an iphone on apple music then it's worth going into the phone settings for the music app and turning off 'sound check'. I know with music it makes it an awful lot louder depending on the track so might be the same with audio books. Oh and finally if you buy a robomower, most decent ones are under 50db which is pretty quiet. Do all that stuff above and you'll be sorted! Good luck.

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  • Yeah. For years, I've been doing what previous answer noted. I have big over-the-ear hearing protection that cuts out most sound from the world and have no input for music. UNDER that, I wear my Powerbeats 3 wireless. Works like a dream. Listen to podcasts at normal room sound.

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