If the iphone is already charged and we put on this battery case, will it not harm the iphone’s own battery by putting it on charge again?

Will not the battery case keep iphone on continuous charging mode?
Does this case have options to start and stop charging while on the iphone?

iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case - Black

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    1. If the case is the same as the XS and XS Max Smart Cases, this smart case will continue to charge and top up the iPhone battery until the case’s battery is dead and then it will start to discharge the iPhone battery.

    2. No as the case will keep the iPhone battery top up until the case is dead, but the longer you use your iPhone the fast the case’s battery will discharge of which will make the iPhone last longer through the day.

    3. The battery isn’t effected by the smart case as the iPhone knows when it connected as will only use the battery the iPhone needs.

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  • You'll be fine, don't worry. Newer lithium-ion battery technology and the charging circuits behind it will protect your device. What can damage your battery is NOT USING IT. Whether fully charged or discharged.

    If you ONLY use your battery case daily (ie, your phone is at 100% all the time), your internal battery will eventually weaken and it's life/runtime will shorten. It's best to let both batteries be used. Think if it like a muscle. You have to stretch it and use it to maintain mass and flexibility.

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  • As per checking with Apple Support Advisor, it is perfectly fine to keep your iphone on this case and let this case be your primary case. As what they called it a "Smart Battery Case" it knows when to push power to your iphone base on your usage pattern.

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