am trying to connect to my iphone 7s to my dji marvic which app do i use

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo

DJI Mavic Pro Alpine White Combo

Product No Longer Available

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    The Mavic Pro uses the DJI GO 4 app.

  • Yes DJI GO 4 but do not purchase from Apple. I did and got a partially faulty product. Was advised to dispose of thd faulty battery and they’d send a new one (They said to dispose of it as jo courier will take a faulty battery back so I did, didn't want the fire risk whike I was out the Flat with my pet there! Then they send a Mavic air battery and I spend an hour on the phone trying to get accross this error only to be told I’ve been misinformed and do need to return the product, and now they can’t send an individual mavic pro battery as they don't stock them. They won’t take one out of the combos they have so instead they ask you to return but after what I was advised too little too late! Will be seeing them in court. These companies don't care about anything but money!