Beats Solo3 Wireless Sound transfer distance

Our kitchen is 20-30 feet from our new Smart TV in Den, too far to hear TV dialogue distinctly in kitchen without having a deafening volume in Den. We have wifi***, Bluetooth, misc Macs, iPad Pro & older iPhones. Would these Beats wireless headphones relay TV sound from Den to Kitchen? The Cook*** wants to hear the TV dialogue in kitchen. We installed a second cable + TV in kitchen but 2 cables produce misaligned sounds audible in both rooms. That is, news story #1 dialogue overlapped both news story #2 dialogue & pic*** Overlapping noise made it impossible to hear a clear broadcast in either room. Would headphone transferred sound either a) sync with TV sound or at least b) block hearing misaligned dialogue in each room. That is, how good are the headphones at dampening external sound?

*** Internet available only from cable company. We are trying to hear c) only one cable channel in both rooms for 1-2 hours ($), d) not different channels and e) not a cable broadcast + a streamed movie ($$$). Cable company response to problem was "live with it". Cook busy with knives, needs only sound & not moving picture that distracts from stovetop catching on fire. Thus 2nd iPad purchase not preferred solution.

If there is an established & simple solution to this sound problem please point me to it & don't waste your precious time on explaining an uninformed questioner. I'm grateful for any advice except putting iPad iPro in kitchen as it's glued to my hand. ��

Many thanks,

  • Asked by fn from Fort Worth
Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

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