Cables that support Carplay connectivity with Iphone 6S+ to Pioneer radio?

I recently purchased a Pioneer 4200NEX receiver for my car. Originally, any lightning cable seemed to work for connecting my phone to the receiver for the Carplay functions. Then the Carplay stopped working. The phone still charged when connected to the USB 1 input of the unit but Carplay wouldn't work. I tried several cables. Some worked for a short time, some didn't work at all for Carplay. All worked for charging.
Only the supplied apple lighting cable seems to work consistently.

I want an armored cable to use with my 6S+ that will work with Carplay.

  • Asked by fn from Sacramento
Native Union BELT XL Lightning-to-USB 3M Cable

Native Union BELT XL Lightning-to-USB 3M Cable

Product No Longer Available

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