Can I use Express as router connected to modem & Time Capsule as a way to extend wifi signal?

Here's my dilemma: My modem, AirPort Express, and speakers are in my living room. The speakers are plugged into AirPort Express so I can play my music from any device. At the other end of the house is my study where I'd like to place the Time Capsule so that I can backup my laptop and so that I can extend the wifi signal in my house. Is that possible? And even if it is, am I wasting the Time Capsule's router capabilities by using the Express as the router and the Time Capsule as a means to extend signal?

And why on earth is Express the only router capable of connecting to speakers??

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    Theoretically you can do that, BUT ... yes you are "wasting" some of the Time Capsule router capabilities. But if you don't need to use those features, I guess it's not a waste except that you are paying for them.

    The bigger question is whether the WiFi signal from the Express is strong enough to reach your office so that the Extreme can connect to the WiFi provided by the Express.

    A better solution is to connect the Extreme directly to the ISP modem (whether cable or DSL,) and setting the Extreme to provide the WiFi, with the Express extending the WLAN. You may need some help in running new coax, telephone or Ethernet cabling, but it would be worth it unless the expense is prohibitive. Wired is almost always preferable to wireless.

  • I use an Express as router and Extreme as extender. This gives me more flexibility in placement and USB drive connection from the extreme.