Can I use my insurance and FSA to purchase this and the supplies?

  • Asked by Debbie T from Joplin

1 Answer from the Community

  • I don't think this qualifies for insurance coverage, but I could be wrong. Best bet is to contact your insurance provider. I believe the original reason it was developed was to give people an alternative to having to go through insurance. The way the membership works is you sign up for 1 of a couple different subscription options based on how many strips you think you'll need monthly. I don't know if you can purchase the unit itself or the related strips using an HSA or FSA. You'd need to call the issuer of the FSA/HSA to clarify. If you're buying the unit from Apple, I don't think an HSA MasterCard would allow you since Apple is not a medical entity. Not sure about the FSA end of things. Either way, call your health insurance provider and HSA/FSA provider to clarify. Good Luck!

    • Answered by Sean J from Grand Rapids