Can I use this as my wireless router when I travel abroad? By just plug in the Phone line in it?

I'm planning to bring it abroad during my travel to Japan. My hotel room has provided wired Internet. So can I just plug the Internet cable to it instead of plug in to my laptop to create wireless for my IPad .

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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  • Yes, you can plug the provided cable into this unit. The only issue you may run into is logging into the provided service. Many of these will only allow one MAC address (one device) to have access at a time. There are ways around this, but not easy to explain or easy to do with this product.

    It really comes down to the service provided by the hotel.

    Many hotels are now providing wireless service, because it is easier to manage with so many different platforms and devices.

    I would take it with me, plug it in and see if you get a log in for the hotel's service!

    And when booking or checking in, ask for instructions on how to connect to the provided service. You will be given a code or asked to create an account... there are many different systems that different hotels use.

    Power should not be an issue as Apple makes their products world friendly by making the power inputs 100-240V 50/60HZ. You make need an adapter, though.