Can I work with my files directly on the hard drive instead of the files o my MacBook hard drive?

I have a MacBook pro with 256 GB capacity, and this doesn't seem enough memory for the work I do, i just had a terrible assessment when I bought my computer, now I'm having big trouble using external hard drives. I saw this dock and I think it is a good solution for me only if a can work directly with the files I have storaged in the dock, so I don't use the computer hard drive with my files.

  • Asked by Monica J from Medellin

1 Answer from the Community

  • Yes. Once you assign a file to the Storage Drive, it will be permanently there (unless you choose to move it onto your MacBook). If you wish to do that, you will have to have your MacBook constantly connected to the External Hard Drive (Storage Drive), There is no wireless option.

    • Answered by Joseph B from Toronto