Can it be used to charge an iPhone 7?

  • Asked by Barry H from Fernandina Beach

4 Answers from the Community

  • No, it can't

    • Answered by Christina H
  • No you cannot. I believe only iPhone 8 and up can’t wirelessly charge.

    • Answered by Christian T from Queens
  • No as it does not have a Qi Wireless charging receiver built in and a glass back. Wireless charging is only compatible on the following iPhones at the time of writing: -iPhone SE (2nd Generation) -iPhone 8 -iPhone 8 Plus -iPhone X -iPhone XS -iPhone XS Max -iPhone XR -iPhone 11 -iPhone 11 Pro -iPhone 11 Pro Max

    • Answered by Ameer Ali O
  • Not without additional accessories. You can use this to charge an iPhone 7 only if you use a Qi-compatible wireless charging case or battery case on your phone. The iPhone 7 itself does not have internal wireless charging.

    • Answered by Colin M from Chandler