Can the new (or older) Airport Extreme support bandwith throttling for uploads on an IP address that it has assigned?

For example: when I upload to Vimeo, my entire network access goes down because it kills the internet connection for the rest of my devices on my network. My cable modem and plan can upload at 5 mbits (600 kybtes) up and for whatever reason the router can't handle that much going up while handing downloads (coming in) for other devices so everything goes down to a crawl.

  • Asked by fn from Rosemead
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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  • Short Answer no.
    For this you will need a DDRT capable Router made by another company.
    The Airport Extreme does not do QOS, or Quality of Service, routing
    which is what you are describing.

    • Answered by Terry J from Oklahoma City