Can this be used as a replacement for DropBox or iCloud? I want to make files (like my Lightroom catalog) available to both my macbook and iMac.

I want to make files (like my Lightroom catalog) available to both my macbook and iMac.

My LR catalog is up to about 80gb and I don't' want to spend another $100 per year when it goes over 100gb.

If I bought a Time Capsule to store this and other large files on it, would I need special apps to make it function like dropbox or iCloud?

If the answer is to use Time Machine, that really doesn't allow the two macs to access the file, does it?



  • Asked by fn from Sausalito
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

Product No Longer Available

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  • Hi Tom: I am not sure, but my understanding is that LR catalogue and preview files cannot be stored/accessed on a network. I would research this issue further before buying the Time capsule. Please post what you have found also.

    • Answered by Natraj S from West Bloomfield
  • There are a couple of possibilities you have:

    1) Create your own personal cloud with a NAS. With that solution you have the most control and you can use it in a Dropbox fashion or just as a server version - that's up to you. Synology is a good NAS but of course there are other solutions out there. I think the personal cloud is the best alternative as you have most control over your files.

    2) Cloud storage - this is certainly another alternative one that you're currently using with Dropbox or iCloud. Yet there are better alternatives out there depending on what you need. For syncing tools you might want to look at services like Bitcasa (although they changed their pricing structure recently making it less attractive).

    Hope that helps

    • Answered by Mauricio P