Does the 87W USB-C Power Adapter have both UL and CSA safety markings (not just CE)?

  • Asked by fn from Santa Fe
87W USB-C Power Adapter

87W USB-C Power Adapter

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    At least for mine: UL, not CSA.
    It's an A1719 (Delta Electronics ITE PSU 4T18), sold in the UK, and is marked with safety certifications as follows:-

    UL Japan (DENAN PS E)
    AS/NZS 4417 RCM (Australia/NZ)
    Nemko N-Mark (Norway)
    SafetyMark (Singapore)
    UL Listed (C-UL USA/Canada)
    CE (Europe)

    There is also a VI mark in a circle; I'm pretty sure this will be the DoE Level 6 power efficiency compliance label; however, the VI are in a seriffed font; I kinda thought they were meant to be sans-serif?

    Actually, I just found a suitably geeky teardown, complete with image of the certifications, but I cannot post the URL.
    Search the web for: chargerlab a1719 teardown review
    Then search in page for: certifications.

    Good luck!

    • Answered by James H