Does the Airport Extreme no longer function as an AirPlay device? AirPlay is one of the main reasons I use Apple routers instead of other ones.

  • Asked by fn from Seattle
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    Airport Extreme never functioned as an Airplay device, only the Express.

    • Answered by Jeff W from Denver
  • The Airport Extreme never came with a 3.5 jack out to hook into external speakers. The new one carries on that tradition. The airport express always had and still has a 3.5 jack and optical out to connect to external speakers.

    • Answered by Ryan G from Pensacola
  • The Airport Extreme never did AirPlay. Only USB and ethernet connections. That function was purely handled by AppleTVs and Airport Express devices, which still support AirPlay.

    • Answered by Jesse E from Toronto
  • The Airport Extreme has never had AirPlay functionality, only the Airport Express.

    • Answered by Alan B from Des Moines
  • It never did. It has always been the Airport Express that has AirPlay support.

    • Answered by Darren F
  • AirPort Extreme's don't support AirPlay and haven't ever as far as I'm aware. For AirPlay you need an AirPort Express.

    • Answered by Simon B
  • Airport Extremes never supported airplay, Airport Express supports airplay

    • Answered by Bruce L from Vero Beach
  • Airport Extreme is never an Airplay device. If you are trying to mirror your iPad to your TV, you need to get Apple TV and hook up to the same network.

    Airport Express will only do Airplay your music on your iDevices to the connected speakers at the back of the router. Probably the only router with speaker jack built-in.

    • Answered by Tan J
  • I noticed all the previous post state " the AirPort Extreme" never functioned as AirPlay! That is false!. Both the 802.11n express and extreme have function as a airplay. The new 802.11a AirPort Extreme will not function as a AirPlay .

    • Answered by Richard T from Woodbridge
  • It is not just the newer Airport Extreme that does not have airplay, Airport Extreme never had it. Only airport Express does.

    • Answered by Robert S from San Francisco
  • No, it does not have an aux jack. Only the AirPort Express can work with AirPlay.

    • Answered by Gianna D from Pleasant Valley
  • The Airport extreme has never had this functionality. This has been limited to only the Airport express.

    • Answered by Torje Øivand O
  • Airport express has airplay. The extremes do not. Hope that helps!

    • Answered by John H
  • The Extreme series never had Airplay, that was the Airport Express only.

    • Answered by Nigel M from Quispamsis
  • It looks like the new Airport Extreme and the new Time Capsule does not support AirPlay. If you look in the "Meet the entire AirPort family" section and check out the "Compare Now" link it shows that AirPlay is only available on the Airport Express.


    • Answered by Merlin H from Saskatoon
  • AFAIK it has an option for that in settings via AirPort Utility, but it's turned off by default.

    • Answered by Brendan S