does the airport extreme support media DLNA

I have Samsung entertainment devices like a smart tv & smart dvd player.I guess my question is can the airport extreme work with a Samsung smart tv & smart dvd player with out using a apple tv ?

  • Asked by fn from Bronx
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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  • In the spirit of sharing even if it is a long time ago that the question was asked!

    I tested a Dell PC using Windows-10 and the Edge Browser - cable connected to a Airport Extreme Router.

    Wireless connected to an Apple-TV.

    Wireless Connected to Sony S580 Blue-ray Disc Player (DLNA supported).

    Edge Browser "Caste to Device" does NOT find the Apple-TV. I assume there is no DLNA support in the Apple-TV.

    Edge Browser "Caste to device" DOES find the Sony S580 and DOES caste Photo, Music, and Video (mpeg) media.

    So, YES the Airport Extreme does route DLNA.

    Note. Make sure to Turn ON Media Streaming in Windows-10.

    • Answered by Bruce W E from Parksville