does the airport extreme support voip?

I have a NBN connection and voip phone but as I am having trouble with the voip on my billion router am looking for one that supports voip

  • Asked by fn from Taree
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    My husband has been using VOIP on the airport extreme for two years and has had no issues with it. The one that they are showing above your question is a newer model than we have but I don't know that it would be an issue. He is using a PC with VOIP and has a direct ethernet connection to the Extreme.

    • Answered by Marcia B from Ocean Springs
  • The Airport Extreme does not support QoS, so I was having some jitter and voice dropouts when I had my VoIP gateway plugged into the Extreme. My Internet connection is 60Mb, so throughput was not an issue.
    I had to move the gateway between the cable modem and the Extreme (which allows down my LAN, but I no longer have VoIP quality issues.
    I really wish Apple would implement QoS on the next model.

    • Answered by John W from Falls Church