Does the Smart Keyboard support Portrait Mode orientation?

For people editing and commenting on PDF documents in US Letter or A4 — editors, teachers grading, administrators, lawyers — being able to view and mark up full documents is better in Portrait Mode, and it is vital to have a keyboard that supports it, so that you can enter text comments. Because of the placement of the power connection for the Apple “smart” keyboard, only Landscape mode is possible. That doesn’t seem very “smart”. Given that the iPad supports both orientations, why not allow users to use whichever works best? We don’t all use it for movies and email.

  • Asked by Victor C from Ann Arbor

2 Answers from the Community

  • No.

    • Answered by Bob C from Cebu City
  • if you mean you can flip the keyboard over and see the letters as though they were upright, then no. if you meant "can you still type with it when in portrait mode, yes, you just have to keep the keyboard attached to the ipad

    • Answered by Anthony C from Rochester