Does this device stores movies as well?

Should I decide tp download music, movies, videos, and backup files, would this device do all of these things?

  • Asked by fn from Creedmoor
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    Regarding files, this device can act as two different things - a Time-Machine-enabled Backup device, or a Shared Network Hard Drive.

    As a Tme-Machine-enabled backup device, it will back up everything from your Mac(s) at regular intervals. This includes all the files on your Mac - documents, movies, music etc. You can then use it to revert to previous versions of files, to restore deleted or damaged files, or to restore the entire mac from a backup. Note, if you use it in this way, don't expect to be able to browse or read your files as simple files. Time machine backs use a sparse bundle and file links. You can get to your files manually if you want, don't expect to be able to hook up a home media centre to access those files easily. They are managed by time machine, and really should only be accessed through the Time Machine software for restoration.

    As a shared network hard drive, you can consider it to be a file server. You can access the hard drive, over the network (wired or wireless) from any machine on the network (Mac or Windows). As such, you could use it to store your music and movies and access them from anywhere, including from any home media centre that can access a shared network volume (i.e. not AppleTV).

    You should use it for one or the other, not both. Note, you *can* do both, but you really should not. When used for Time Machine backups, it really likes to manage hard drive space itself. When the disk gets full, it deletes older backups. It works best when it is fully aware and fully in control of the drive space

    • Answered by Vihung M
  • Time Capusole backups everything for your mac.
    It's an backup device and a router. everything will be inside even you accidentially delete some files, you can always recover your files using the data on the time capsule by time machine.

    Go to Apple Store to ask more if you still don't understand.

    • Answered by Calvin N from Markham