Does this support HomeKit Secure Video?

  • Asked by Ian R from Flemington

4 Answers from the Community

  • Just bought Arlo Ultra (4 pack) thinking I could connect via HomeKit ---well, you can via a Bridge, but not via HomeKit Secure Video -- wish I had read this answer before buying -- seriously thinking of returning Arlo Ultra purchase -- Arlo - you seriously think I would PAY $ to store my videos into your "Smart Plans" VERUS use Apple HomeKit Secure Video - @ no cost - HINT (to Arlo): better to have camera sales than no camera sales at all - support the HomeKit Secure Video option!!

    • Answered by Bruce T from Liberty
  • As of October 22nd 2019, Arlo’s Director of Product, Greg Falgiano, claimed in a "Chat with HomeKit" hosted by Arlo that while they do plan HomeKit support for the vast majority of their products, they are not currently planning to support HomeKit Secure Video.

    • Answered by Christopher B
  • While this product does support HomeKit you can only stream video from the camera to the Home app. Additionally you can use the microphone and speaker to communicate through the camera. HomeKit secure video is a feature which allows recordings to be saved to a users iCloud account. That feature does not exist and HomeKit will show you a screen stating “Your camera does not yet support secure recording”. While you can add it to the Home App you cannot recorded to iCloud with it.

    • Answered by Scott R from Louisville
  • I installed the Arlo Ultra 4k Wire-Free over the weekend and it does support HomeKit Secure video. I can scroll to the bottom of the Home app and see my Arlo video feed just as I see my Logitech video feed.

    • Answered by Drew H from Bentonville