Has anyone experienced this case leaving marks on the laptop?

I saw the review which pointed out that this case left permanent outline marks on the mac where the had been, I was wondering if this has happened or not happened to anyone else who has had this case for a while.

Tech21 Impact Snap Case for MacBook

Tech21 Impact Snap Case for MacBook

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    Yes, and I'm furious about it. I haven't figured out what to do about it, but I'll never buy another one of these cases again.

  • Yes. I have had the case on my computer since January (5 months) and took the case off to clean my computer and the case has left outlines where the rubber portions are on the case. The look it really annoying however, I have yet to try and buff the marks off the computer. I suppose if I just put the case back on it won't matter but it claims on the tech 21 site the case will not harm or alter the shell of the computer.

  • Just purchased this snap case in clear color for my Macbook Air 13 inch Early 2015 model. Actually it's clear throughout the center but the outer sections where the impact material (looks perforated) is more of a gray color. It looks great and fits perfectly! I chose the clear because of previous reviews about the case making color marks on the laptop. I thought the clear would not display any discoloration. So far, so good. Would highly recommend this case!

  • Yes, it left marks on my old MBA, but to be honest they polished out very quickly without affecting the look and feel of the machine in any way. I have one for my MBP now... It's a tradeoff which you have to choose. I would prefer to know that if I involuntarily hurled my MBA across the room it would have a chance of survival.

  • This might be a overdue answer, but just in case anyone would come by this thread I want my input to show.

    I bought the purple shell for my Macbook pro 13" retina. I bought it Saturday it's now Tuesday. So it's been on my computer for about 3 1/2 days. I have already (after less than a week) noticed the marks on my laptop. I tried to clean them off and i managed to make them less visible on the top of my computer, but still visible. They're also visible on the bottom. This is beyond annoying, and since I bought it in store I wish they would've warned me and I would have spent my money on another case.

  • Hey guys, I had the exact same problem with tech21 case for my macbook just now and read all your problems and wanted to help. My bf tried rubbing it off with his fingers pretty hard and it worked but too painful and time taking, out of all the things we tried toothpaste was left and we tried it and guess what? MAGIC����It went off so smooth. Just rub a thin layer of toothpaste directly on the marks and wipe it off with wet wipes and finally with microfibre cloth. Now I have a clean shiny laptop without marks again. Hope it helps you all too. Goodluck. :) :)

  • I had to take my case off today to fit my MBP into a stand I have. I was so upset when I saw a perfect outline of the rubber area from the inside of the case. I have the same marks on the lid and underside. In fact around the feet are circles left by the rubber elements from inside the case. I also have a pattern left by the perforated part inside the case - lots of smaller circles. I've tried rubbing them with a soft cloth, but they won't budge. I am nervous about using a cleaning product as I don't want to do any physical damage to the case by scratching it with something abrasive.

    When I bought my MBP in October 2014 I didn't want any chance of it getting scratches, plus I also wanted good resale value as and when I trade-in, so from day one it's been in the case. Ironically, if I'd never bought this case, my MBP would be pristine. I'll admit that I'm anally retentive when it comes to keeping my tech in good order! All my Apple stuff is in perfect nick; I keep all the packaging, never use the headphones etc (yup I know what I'm like!) and this issue with the case really p's me off. I have written to Tech21 and hope they will respond soon. As for everyone here, my MBP represents a significant financial investment so I hope Tech21 can sort this out for us all.

  • Yes it does leave marks. Mine has been on for 6 months or so took off to clean and noticed the preforated portion leaves a clear outlined ring and even the holes are outlined. The case is very nice though but now sure how i will get these marks off.

    My laptop case has also stained the case on the edges, which is also frustrating because i bought the clear and now its semi brown.

  • Mine left an outline of the padded material on the MacBook case. I polished it out with a microfibre cloth and marks are gone. I only took the case off my MacBook because I read that other people had experienced this problem. I don't really transport my MacBook around much, it's always on a table so no vibrations. I think the problem is that the case is not a tight enough fit and the padding is too abrasive. I guess vibrations cause the MacBook to rub against the case because it's loose when moved or when pressure is applied to the top of the tech21 case the padding collapses eg. When in a laptop bag and this permanently marks on the Macbook. Not gonna use this case again... Ordered a different one to replace it. Wonder if I can get my money back from tech21 since it's not fit for purpose intended?

  • Yes, regardless of Tech 21's advice of using screen cleaner or alcohol, my brand new top spec i7 MacBook now has a "tide mark" all around the edge where the rubber material has reacted with the outer finish of the computer. I am absolutely furious. I bought the case at the same time as the computer in an Apple Store. When I got home on opening the case up and seeing the rubber material I was a bit suspicious that it would cause this problem, I emailed Tech21 at the time and they said that it definitely would not leave permanent marks or disturb the finish in any way. Well, they were wrong, despite using screen cleaner and then trying alcohol, there is now a permanent tide mark around the edge of my near £2000 GBP computer, furious, livid, raging do not describe how I feel. I have been emailing Tech21 and have sent a photo but they are now ignoring me. The next step for me is to take legal action to recover the costs of having the casing of the computer replaced. Luckily I have a lawyer in the family. I'll give them a few more days to respond but not holding my breath. They pretty much just sent me a standard email when I complained at first simply saying use screen cleaner or alcohol, HELLO! IT DOESN'T WORK, THERE IS A TIDE MARK LEFT ON MY COMPUTER..My very best advice, DO NOT BUY THIS COVER, in fact, don't buy anything from Tech21, their customer support so far has been laughable.

  • It totally does leave marks. I've had it on my 13 MBP for about a year, took it off and the marks are there. Someone mentioned a microfibre cloth? I'm so mad! Thanks.

  • Yes, and I'm furious. Still awaiting a response from the company. Have not yet found a solution to take it off. I will try the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, but other than that it seems to be permanent.

  • Not at all. I have been using this case for a few days now and I am very pleased with its snug fitting design. I have the clear case and cannot see how this could mark my MacBook so if there are other colours, I wonder if this is where the problem arises.

  • Yes, but use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get the marks off! It worked for me!

  • It does leave marks, as previous reviews have stated. I have had this case on my Macbook Pro from day one and i have had this now for over a year. In honesty iv been super careful with it and there isn't even a mark on the case, however if you take the case of there is a distinct pattern left by the shell. Some of this has come off and i am yet to do a proper polish but so far it is there. In my opinion though its worth getting as the marks look so much better than dents and scratches.

  • You GUYS. Okay, I was a bit skeptical about the Mr Clean Magic Eraser... (I worried I was falling victim to some grade A trolling, like the idiots that put their iPhones in microwaves thinking they would charge..... lol) So I tried it on the bottom of the shell first, literally took the marks left from the Tech21 case off immediately. Didn't even have to rub hard, they were gone in like a second. Highly recommend this solution, thanks!

  • It does leave marks. I was pretty upset and tried a couple of cleaners that failed. Toothpaste finally did the trick though.

    I will not be buying a Tech21 laptop case again.

  • What type of marks is it leaving and where?