Help? I need a sound card and a mic to record audio interview on my Mac book Pro. Should i buy an Apogee one or Apogee mic digital microphone?

What sound recording device do you recommend?

  • Asked by fn from Waverton
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1 Answer from the Community

  • The Apogee ONE allows for a bit more flexible set-up than MiC. You can choose between the built in omnidirectional microphone, or an external microphone of your choice. ONE also comes with the added benefit of a high quality headphone/speaker output. With ONE you can monitor your voice in real time using Apogee's Maestro App. ONE is also great headphone DAC for listening to music with high end headphones.

    On the other hand MiC is a great sounding digital microphone with a cardioid (heart shaped) pick up pattern that is a bit more focused than the ONE's internal mic. For your use case though it sounds like ONE would be perfect.

    • Answered by Rob C from Santa Monica