How do you connect airport express to a wall cable without a cable box?

I have a weak wireless connection from airport extreme in my house. I need to boost signal to garage apt. Can I use the express as an extender?

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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  • Yes. The best way is to run an ethernet connection from the house to the garage. This is not usually easy and often expensive. But it will eliminate hours of experimenting with settings. You can then plug your express into the cable or use an ethernet switch or plug the cable directly into your garage computer.

    The second best, arguably is to buy power line extenders and use your house wiring to provide a conduit for your computer signals to bet to the garage. Since the garage is on the same power grid (I assume) as your house then it would be very easy to slap a unit inside and a unit in garage to link the two. Then plug your express into the extender (via ethernet cable -- short one!). These cost about 50 dollars.

    The worst way to do this and often the only way folks seem to use is to wirelessly extend the device through WPS. This is a feature of many wireless routers (including Apple). But it is a big compromise in that the added levels of transmission debilitate the signal. Just follow the menu prompts within Airport.

    Plug the device into the wall outlet (power) and use a laptop to connect to express wirelessly or wired via Airport app.

    Don't expect any great bandwidth with the last method.