How is the Airport Extreme more secure than other routers?

I have a neighbor who is a determined wi-fi hacker who has been able to hack into my network no matter how difficult the passwords. Can I turn down the power on the extreme so his signal is weak? What features on this unit will help me thwart his efforts? I've already turned off WPS on my current router, UPnP and all that other stuff. I know MAC filtering is useless as is hiding the SSID. What can I do to make the router secure?

  • Asked by fn from Santa Rosa
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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2 Answers from the Community

  • Use Wpa2 a and long passcode, if he still gets in he is getting the access information from something. Most likely, one of your machines is compromised - he has access to I it - and that's how he keeps getting in.

    • Answered by Scott F from Ossining
  • Any modern router should be secure if configured properly but many of them aren't. Apple tends to use sensible defaults so you'll probably be safe, but if you want to be more sure then make sure you're using WPA2 encryption with AES. Older methods can be hacked.

    • Answered by David B from Beaverton