How is the charging speed compared to cable charging?

mophie wireless charging base

mophie wireless charging base

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    Depends what cable and wall adapter you're using to charge it with. It generally charges the same speed as the included 5W adapter that comes with the iPhone, I think at the moment the new iPhones only accept up to 5W from the charging base. There is going to be an update at some point to allow them to take the full 7.5W. I use my MacBook Pro charger with a USB-C Lightning cable and it charges alot faster than the mophie, but if you're stuck with the included wall adapter then using this is a matter of preference.

  • the 5W setting for Iphone 8/8+/X running IOS lower than 11.2 will be slower than provided 5W charging cable/adapter.
    after 11.2 it will boost to 7.5,were this products limit. it will work as fast as the 5W if not slower.

    note: wireless charger and wired charger with same wattage will not have the same speed. as the wireless charge has some energy loss during transmission.