I currently own a an Air Port Extreme Router can I still use this AirPort only as a Time Capsule without the router option?

  • Asked by fn from Imlay City
  • Asked about:  AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    You can. I did it by connecting my Time Capsule (the one with router functionality) directly to my switch. I assume you could also connect it to a switch port on your router if it has them, and you don't have a switch. Not sure it matters, but I plugged the network cable into one of the switch ports on the Time Capsule, NOT the WAN port (that would normally come off the router). Then:

    1) go into the Airport Utility and edit the settings on your Time Capsule, once it appears on the network;
    2) Under the "Wireless" tab, set the Network Mode to "Off";
    3) Under the "Network" tab, set the router mode to "Off (Bridge Mode)"
    4) Click update.

    When it updates, it just looks like a Time Capsule on the network, and works with Time Machine.

    • Answered by Robert A from Charlottesville