I have an airport express connected to my cable modem. Would I be able to use another AP express downstairs to  improve my network?

Live in an older home and wifi doesn't work well downstairs. The express is on the upper floor
next to my iMac and cable modem.

  • Asked by fn from Brooklyn
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    Yes you can and yes it will work. I have exactly this set up. I have extended the express with two further express to cover more distant parts.
    To set up under the wireless tab select the "Extend a network option"
    For ease name each express different form the one connected to the Modem so you can easily differentiate them when using the Airport Utility.
    You will be able to see which device is connected to which express under the Airport Utility tool.
    I would place the second Airport Express in a position where it gets a reasonable signal not a poor signal. This should provide you with very good performance int he area covered by the second AE.
    Finally if you want to get access to both the 5 Hz and 2.4 Hz spectrum in all areas use the most recent version of the AE in both areas. Not essential but a nice to have especially if you are streaming video a lot around the house.

    • Answered by David H from North Melbourne
  • In theory it will, but I found that an airport extreme was a much better solution. When I tried to do as you suggest, it did not work very well. I now use two airport extremes both hardwired. one on each floor. Chances are the new airport extreme would be all that you need and you can use the airport express as an extender or to hook speakers to....

    • Answered by Gary M from Los Angeles