if i attach a hard drive full of media content, can i access it from apple tv?

  • Asked by fn from Anderson
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    Here is what I did to integrate my several drives of media to an Apple TV and my home entertainment center: 1) attach all drives to a dedicated mac. 2) use Plex server on the mac to connect to Apple TV. 3) Use the Plex app (on ATV4) or Plex hack (on ATV3) to serve all content to the ATV, from the mac. Works great!

    • Answered by Jigs G from Washington
  • It's going to have to go through iTunes so the answer is yes and no. If you put the content on a drive attached to this airport, you will see it on your Mac. Then on the Mac you "link" the files by adding them to iTunes library but the settings should allow for the files to remain on that drive and not be "copied" to iTunes. Then if iTunes is on your Apple TV will allow you to access the media content under the computer icon on your apple tv

    • Answered by Justin B from Manville
  • If you have a folder of iTunes Library content that is shared using iTunes Home Sharing, then you should be able to see that with ATV

    • Answered by Michael W from Spokane