If I plug in my speakers (amp to old school speaker) to the jack can I airplay audio to Airport from Mac and iPhone and have it play through them?

Basically I have a small set up in my room of an old sony amp and goodmans speakers, the amp has rca connections on the back so I do a simple 3/4" jack to rca and plug it into my iPhone or Mac and it works fine. What I want to be able to do is to play audio, via airplay i'm assuming, to the AirPort Express, have it output through the jack socket on the rear and play though my setup as it would as usual.

Hope this makes sense.


AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    Absolutely! I do this to an amp and speakers on my back porch and outside. The amp is a '70s Dynaco SCA-80Q which supports four speakers. Two are in the enclosed porch, the other two are mounted outside in the back yard. It works wonderfully!

    During the cold months I move the AirPort Express (an older version) inside to the living room and connect it to my AV receiver. For the audio connection between the Express and the receiver I use a min-to-optical (Toslink) cable.