If the outdoor camera is to be powered by simply plugging it in to an outside plug, how does this prevent someone simply unplugging it?

  • Asked by Rene M from North Las Vegas

2 Answers from the Community

  • The simple answer is that it doesn't. I do not own this exact product but something similar. In fact all wifi + USB powered self-installed home security systems suffer from this flaw of replying on continuous power. However, I suppose I, and many others who are nevertheless using this kind of self installed home security system, hope that (a) the camera will at the very least capture who unpluged it from its power source and (b) that we have enough camera coverage (i.e. more than 1 camera) to capture some identifiable and legally submittable image. I think you need to be realistic and think of this type of camera as a nice extra, but not the cornerstone of your security. Beware if installed externally that you will need to comply with Privacy Laws (if in EU).

    • Answered by Bo A
  • Good point! Home improvement stores (and other popular online retailers) sell outdoor outlet covers that can be locked to prevent someone gaining access to the outlet without a key. I just hope they're caught on camera unplugging it before it actually happens.

    • Answered by Art G from Meadville