I’m not a professional film maker))  Could somebody explain what difference between first and second model of DJi Osmo mobile.

  • Asked by fn from Los Angeles
DJI OSMO Mobile 2 Gimbal for iPhone

DJI OSMO Mobile 2 Gimbal for iPhone

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    The first generation is powered by a removable battery and charged with a USB-A to 3.5 mm jack cable. Battery lasts about 4-5 hours. Its construction is metal and the phone-gripping portion of it is with a turndial clamp which allows for landscape shooting.

    The second generation is a reinforced plastic build, powered by a larger, non-removable battery that is charged with a USB-C connection. Battery lasts upwards of 10 hours. The phone gripping portion of it uses a spring system but also allows the phone to be oriented in both Portrait and Landscape settings. This generation also has a port so you can use it's massive battery as an external charger for your phone to plug into. This one also has a physical zoom slider on the side to use while filming.

    Those are just about all the major changes between the two. A couple of the button layouts are different but allows all the same functionality. Hope this was helpful!

    • Answered by Andre G from Fillmore
  • The first one is $200 for start compared to $129. On the second generation you have vertical and landscape mode the vertical is what you can be used for live stream on Facebook Instagram and stuff like that. Unlike the first generation. The second generation has a 15 hour battery life and the batter can’t be removed and also has a USB port to even charge your phone with. The first generation has a 4-5 hour battery life and you have to remove the battery with a very propitary charger only made for the device.

    • Answered by Peter H from San Antonio
  • The v2 is cheaper to make as its less expensive materials (plastic vs metal)
    It has a nonremovable battery
    It's runtime on the battery is longer than the v1
    The v2 let's you charge your phone from the v2 battery while in use.
    The v2 has a tripod mount on the bottom while the v1 has a mount on the side higher up.
    The v2 allows for portrait ( why one would record portrait video makes no sense) recording without having to hold the device sideways.
    V2 doesn't have the trigger button for mode change instead using a round thumb side button.
    It's a bit taller I believe (to get the extra battery volume)

    • Answered by Thomas S from Sammamish