Is an Airport Express is good enough to extend a network from a Airport Extreme in a 3000sq ft home?

I own a 5th generation Airport Extreme but the signal never gets through to the second floor. Many people have suggested getting the Airport Express to extend the network, but I have also been told that by replacing my Airport Extreme with the new version (which I have been told is much better) would fix my problem.

  • Asked by fn from North Miami Beach
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AirPort Extreme

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    I would get the new Airport Extreme - a quantum leap from the previous generations of the Extreme. Not sure if the latest Airport Express will be compatible with the older Airport Extreme; I know that my older generation Express is compatible with my new Extreme although I had to use my older MacBook Pro to have the Extreme recognize the older Express.

    FYI, my download speeds using the new Airport Extreme went up from 5 mbs to 25 mbs, which is why I say get the new Extreme.

    • Answered by Daniel T from Redlands