Is an apple HDMI connector different than a standard HDMI cable connector?

I want to connect AppleTV to an HDMI cable running to a projection system. Looking at the close up of the "Apple HDMI" cable connector and the other end of the cable, they look identical so I'm trying to verify if this is just Apple wanting me to buy their cable.

Apple HDMI-to-HDMI Cable 1.8m

Apple HDMI-to-HDMI Cable 1.8m

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    Apple HDMI is same with others third party HDMI connector. Apple's HDMI cable is v1.4 certified, supporting 3D graphic and ethernet that frequently use for Smart TV.

    Some of low cost third party HDMI cable is v1.3 that didn't carry 3D graphic and ethernet signal, if you need 3D / ethernet function for your TV / Monitor / Projector, please look for v1.4 compatible cable.