Is possible to replace the router provided with AT&T Uverse service with this one, and if so, what is the process?

In addition to it having absolutely terrible range, the 2Wire brand router AT&T gives you is NOT N-Speed so I want to use an Apple router instead.

I am guessing that it is not as simple as buying an Apple router and re-patching it so I am looking for tips and or instructions on how to do this properly. Thanks!

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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  • This is actually very simple. Apple does not make U-verse modems but you can buy a third party device on line or in an electronics store.

    To set up the Airport Express as an access point do the following:

    1- hard wire the new (U-verse) modem to your computer and enter the password given to you by your ISP. This will establish an internet connection. Then unplug it from your computer.
    2- Now connect the modem to your Airport via the ethernet port (the one with the circle above it.)
    Use the other ethernet port to connect the Airport to your computer using a second ethernet wire.
    3-Open the Airport utility app to set up your new wifi network
    4- Follow the prompts to set a security password for access to the Airport.
    5- Unplug the second ethernet wire from your computer.
    7- Connect to the wifi network on your computer by entering the password you just put into the Airport Express.
    8- You're done. Should be able to connect whatever you want by entering your wifi password.