Is the 2020 Macbook Air able to pass a video signal through the TS3+ downstream Thunderbolt port?

I am trying to connect my 2020 MacBook Air to two 1080p HDMI monitors through my Caldigit TS3+ dock, but I am having difficulty. I am using an active Displayport to HDMI adapter and a USB-C to HDMI adapter. The monitor attached to the active Displayport to HDMI adapter works, but the monitor attached to the USB-C to HDMI adapter does not. It seems like the video signal from my MacBook Air is not being passed through the downstream Thunderbolt port in the TS3+ for some strange reason. However, when I plug the USB-C to HDMI adapter directly into the MacBook Air's Thunderbolt port, it works. This is very odd to me because the exact same TS3+ setup works on my work computer, an old HP Elitebook. That computer is able to drive both monitors through the dock, so I assume that there is nothing wrong with the cables or adapters. Is there an issue with my MacBook Air? I saw that a previous answer said that the CalDigit TS3+ is compatible with the 2020 Air, so I assumed it would be fine.

  • Asked by Edward L from Little Neck

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