Is the software useful? Specifically, can I turn the SSID off for privacy?

  • Asked by Jaynemarie L from Washington

1 Answer from the Community

  • Hi, you certainly can via the web UI settings page. Just google “linksys velop ssid broadcast” for the support page. It also has other Quality of Life settings like choosing which devices get the most bandwidth, guest networks, family time settings, etc. as do most routers. Please note that turning off your SSID can benefit you via the principle of “security through obscurity” but can make you vulnerable to impersonation / MITM attacks if another party knows your network password (or if you have trusted networks like “McDonaldsFreeWifi” set to auto-connect) and really only means you broadcast your SSID less often rather than not at all. A “strong” wifi password >12 characters (with symbols and numbers) and updated router firmware are likely to benefit you more than hiding SSID alone.

    • Answered by Chris S from Morayfield