Is there a way to map the FKeys on the Belkin YourType numeric keypad?

There are four FKeys (F13 through F16). Two of them don't seem to trigger anything and two of them alter the screen brightness (which is obviously already covered on the keyboard. Despite this being a numeric keypad, the Preferences panel seems to recognize it as a full-size keyboard so provides me with irrelevant options.

  • Asked by fn from Vancouver
Belkin YourType Bluetooth Wireless Keypad

Belkin YourType Bluetooth Wireless Keypad

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    To program the function keys F13 to F16, open keyboard preferences, click on the shortcut tab, Select a preference in the left hand pane, then select a shortcut and press tab, this will open a box and you can then press the key you want to use for the shortcut. To give an example I clicked on Mission Control in the left hand pane I then highlighted show desktop in the right hand pane and pressed tab to open the box, I then pressed the F14 key on my Belkin keypad and closed keyboard preferences, and know when I hit the F14 key it shows my desktop. I worked this out myself as Belkin UK do not answer any emails, and their support is non existent. Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Melvyn N
  • For F14 and F15 go to Keyboard prefs/Shortcuts, choose Screen on the left and disable them on the right. Took me a while. No idea for F16 so far.

    • Answered by Michel B