Is this compatable with iPhone 4s???

  • Asked by Abdullah N from Khulna

1 Answer from the Community

  • Hi Abdullah, I would recommend not using a 12W with your 4S, and here’s why. I was having power issues with my old 6S (the battery would drain very quickly and sporadically, even without having apps open). My battery wouldn’t last an entire day anymore. When I brought it into the Apple Store, the technician told me upon testing that there were some strange patterns in the battery performance. He asked if I had used a 12W charger on my phone, which I had done on occasion (it’s what came with my iPad). He said that my generation of iPhone and anything before it was not compatible with 12W (I believe models 7 and up are). Hope this helps save your battery!

    • Answered by Alyssa L from Los Angeles