It it noisy?

I imagine there are some cooling fans built into the system. If there are how noisy are they?

  • Asked by James R

3 Answers from the Community

  • Nope. Mine is less than two feet from ear and I can't hear anything.

    • Answered by Robert M from Salina
  • No not at all! It’s extremely quiet. You can barely hear that it is on at all. You would have to get your ear right up next to it to hear anything at all. Even then you would have to be extremely quiet to hear anything.

    • Answered by Geoffrey P from Tinley Park
  • It is super quiet. I record vocals in a condenser microphone about 3 feet away from it and dont hear a thing in the recording. It actually says how quiet it is in the packaging as well. I would say its amazingly silent.

    • Answered by Matt M from Naples