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I don't see dimensions or wight. So I would like to know the dimensions before I make a purchase. It looks as though it would be able to fit size wise in a laptop bag, also because of that reason I'm curious if it would make a lot more weight in the bag?

LaCie 12TB 8big Rack Thunderbolt 2 Series Hard Drive

LaCie 12TB 8big Rack Thunderbolt 2 Series Hard Drive

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    This is designed to be installed as a rack mount in a server room - it is most definitely not designed to fit in a laptop bag. At 18.9" x 1.7" x 30.4", 33lbs without any drives installed, and 44lbs with 8 drives, you would be better off buying a portable drive with a thunderbolt connection for day to day use. There are units out there such as the Pegasus series that may not have the exact same capacity (32TB for $4599USD as an example) but may be more suited to a pro/prosumer environment that may not have a server rack to install into.

  • Product Dimensions (WxHxD) 18.9 x 30.4 x 1.7" (477 x 772 x 44mm)

  • Rectangular, 1U (height), Rack (mount) = width of computer rack. Depth = not usually a factor for rack mount equipment. Weight = not typically a factor for 1U rack mount equipment.