can i watch catch up tv on 3rd generation

  • Asked by fn

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    • Answered by Moonluna E
    • 30-Apr-2019
  • With Apple TV 3rd generation, You can airplay catchup TV from you iPhone to your AppleTV and then onto your TV screen:-

    1.Download the catch up apps u want from the App Store (iView, SBS On Demand, and those for 7,9, and 10)
    2. Open, eg, the iView App on your phone.
    3 Select the programme U want to watch. Start playing it on your phone.
    4. At the top right of phone screen you'll see small icon.
    5.Tap that small icon. That will send what's playing on your phone to your AppleTV device and automatically onto you TV set's screen.
    6. You may have missed the first 60 -90 seconds, so simply use your Apple TV remote to fast backwards to start the programme from the beginning.

    • Answered by Ken H from Figtree
    • 24-Oct-2019