On an iPad, how can I watch NFL football games live if I am in Europe on business?

If possible, then what is necessary with the iPad to watch live NFL games abroad. Thank you.

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    After many hours on the phone over many weeks with both the NFL app folks and Verizon (twice), as of January 7, 2014 you cannot stream live NFL premium content via the app if you are on a Verizon iPad with cellular service. The premium, live-streaming content only works on mobile *phones*.

    Why am I so certain? My second Verizon tech support rep was certain I could stream the live games on my Verizon iPad mini with Retina display. He went above and beyond to refresh his memory of how it worked on his own mobile device. When we never received the same menu options in my iPad app, he read all the fine print he had, and discovered the premium app ONLY works on mobile phones. He was as shocked as I am. This could and should change, which is why I have included the date. Will it? I doubt it.

    • Answered by Brit B from Boone
    • 09-Jan-2014
  • Have somebody you know FaceTime the game to you. Works for me and my son who is in Paris.

    • Answered by Michael L from Sherbrooke
    • 19-Jan-2014