Contacts not showing when i try to search.

Product name and specs : iPhone 6S 64 GB
Model : MKQQ2B/A
Version : 10.1 (14B72)

When i try to search a contact from the contact list its showing "No Result" and when i search it through seek the bar we can find it. Will you please find out the bug and fix it. My friends iPhone have the same problem.

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    Go to
    Click on My Info
    Click on Groups (top left corner)
    Select all options/accounts (check mark will appear)

    That is it!

    This worked for me 100%
    Let me know if it does for you.

    • Answered by Vaibhav D from Bangalore
    • 13-Nov-2017
  • iOS 11.3

    Open Contacts
    Click Groups in top left corner
    Click line Show all Contacts (it should change to read Hide all Contacts)
    Close and hopefully it's sorted

    • Answered by Dave C
    • 28-Apr-2018
  • I have the same issue. have to go through "Contacts" or through the "phone->contacts". In additions, when searching texts ... the old texts to that person not showing when using search bar, but they do show up when you start new text to the same person. Not sure if that makes sense ... :).
    Hope this glitch gets fixed soon

    • Answered by Boris G from Seattle
    • 10-Nov-2017
  • I had the similar problem, but the solutions above didn’t work. I finally realized that when I stored numbers with a “1” before the area code it wouldn’t recognize them (e.g. 1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx versus (xxx) xxx-xxxx). Once I deleted the “1” prefix, I could see them again.

    • Answered by Kevin H from Atlanta
    • 14-Dec-2017
  • What I did was to make sure Contacts, app from Apple is installed. Go to Settings - General - Spotlight Search. Make sure contacts is selected. From there, to search the contacts, slide down from your iphone screen and search your contact. Voila! Problem solved.

    • Answered by Tengku P from Kuala Lumpur
    • 27-Nov-2016