Will iPhone 7 plus screen protectors fit iPhone 6 Plus?

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    If you look at the question, YES an iPhone 7 Plus screen protector WILL fit an iPhone 6 Plus. However, an iPhone 6 Plus screen protector WILL NOT fit an iPhone 7 Plus.

    • Answered by Michael C from Leonia
    • 24-Dec-2016
  • Yes, however it is handy to note that the speaker grill on the iPhone 7 Plus is slightly longer in length than the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 7 Plus screen protectors will fit on the 6 Plus but not the other way around.

    • Answered by Joshua S from Orpington
    • 12-Apr-2017
  • Incorrect. a iPhone 6plus screen protector will not fit an iPhone 7plus screen


    The earpiece width and front camera placement have changed just enough to require you to obtain a new screen protector for the iPhone 7plus.

    • Answered by Todd K from Willowick
    • 28-Nov-2016
  • Yes

    • Answered by Ashley P from Tulsa
    • 14-Mar-2017
  • No, although the screen size is the same, the incoming call speaker hole is slightly larger for ip7 plus

    • Answered by Han Hui T from Johor Bahru
    • 17-Nov-2016